Monday, 22 October 2018

An update from our garden!

The environment and sustainability group has been hard at work looking after our school garden and planting some new vegetables.

Our strawberry plants are looking fantastic and it is great to see some nearly ready to pick!

Some children even wanted to have a nibble at break time!

Our two potato varieties are growing well and we can't wait to taste them to see which one is the yummiest! Check them out!

Today we also planted some zucchini, courgettes and lettuces. Don't they look wonderful? 
They will taste delicious in a salad.

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Monday, 15 October 2018

Green Day!

Welcome back.

In week 8 of term 3 PCS held it's first EVER Green Day.

This was an opportunity for students to learn more about sustainable practices, the environment and ways to help it. Students were asked to dress in green and bring a gold coin donation.
All money raised was donated to the Manukau Beautification Trust (an organisation that does great work in our area).
We are pleased to announce that we raised $640.00 for the trust which was an outstanding effort. A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated and contributed!

Here are some photos of some  super learning that took place on Green Day.

Children in room 13 learnt about recycling and caring for plants. They enjoyed creating their own planters out of recycled plastic bottles, decorating them and then planting their own special flower to take home and look after.

Room 2 learnt about rubbish and recycling. They even visited our school worm farm. They had a great time exploring how worms help our soil and what food items can be reused to feed worms.

Room 12 created their own ocean oil spills and were challenged to clean them up as best they could. They measured the reclaimed oil, as well as the volume of water in the containers, to work out how much they had cleaned up as a percentage. As they discovered, oil spills are very hard to clean up!

Room 8 made reusable bags out of old t-shirts. They even repurposed the sleeves to make other cool things!

Awesome job everyone!

Monday, 10 September 2018

Planting potatoes and strawberries

Welcome back!

We have been busy planting some new fruit and vegetables.

First we planted some strawberry plants that we CAN'T wait to grow so that we can eat them. We learnt that we needed to prepare the soil carefully with straw so that the strawberries wouldn't rot.

We have also planted two different varieties of potatoes so that we can see which one will grow the best. We enjoyed placing the seeded potatoes in their wooden box and then covering them with soil.

We can't wait to eat the yummy food we have planted!

Sunday, 5 August 2018


Hi everyone,

Today we started looking at the amount of plastic packaging used to wrap our foods. We opened a large family sized bag of popcorn that contained 12 miniature packets of popcorn. We emptied out all of the popcorn into a bowl and spread out all of the plastic so we could see how much had been used. There was HEAPS!! We were not impressed with the huge amount of plastic needed to hold such a small amount of popcorn (only 204 grams)! 

The environment and sustainability group decided that we need to make smarter and more environmentally friendly choices when doing our weekly shopping. 

You can help reduce plastic waste by asking your families to buy only one big bag of food, not lots of small bags and by emptying it into small reusable containers you can use again and again while enjoying your yummy snack!

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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Worm Tea

Welcome back to term 3!

These past two weeks we have been busy looking after our worm farm and bottling worm tea.
We often get asked lots of questions about this so here is some information to help you.

What is worm tea?
Worm tea is the liquid waste (excrement) taken from a worm farm. It can be used as a natural fertiliser in your garden.

Why should I use worm tea?
"It helps your flowers and veges grow HUGE" - Jessica

"It will give your plants and soil lots of nutrients" - Dani

"Worm tea can help keep nasty insects away" - Gowri

"It's a sustainable way to reduce your food waste" - Miss Barratt

Where can I get it?
Support the PCS environment group and buy some from the school office, it's only $4 a bottle or keep an eye out on the school newsletter because we have worm tea sales once a term with special deals!

How do I use worm tea?
Add one bottle of worm tea to your watering can and fill the rest with water. Simply use this once a week in your garden and in no time at all you'll see a difference!

This term we have been using recycled milk bottle lids to make our worm tea even more environmentally friendly!

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